How can a courier make a delivery using the Bringme Box?

If ‘Bringme’ is placed before the addressee's name, the courier knows that they must deliver to the Bringme Box.

We regularly inform all courier services on how to use the Bringme Box. a delivery may be made by a courier, but also directly by a supplier, retailer or individual.

The Bringme Box has a touchscreen that is easy to operate. Choose the correct language on the start screen (Dutch, French or English) and follow the instructions.

  • Press ‘Deliver’ on the start screen.
  • Enter your name or press one of the quick buttons with courier logos.
  • Enter the addressee's name.
  • The smallest available compartment opens automatically. Choose a bigger and/or an extra compartment if necessary.
  • Place the parcel in the compartment and close the door.

After every delivery, a delivery receipt appears in the top-right corner of the screen in the form of a QR code. The courier can scan or note down the code (two letters and four digits).

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