How do I return something?

  1. Go to the Bringme app’s start menu and choose ‘Return to a webshop’. 
  2. If you are linked to multiple boxes, then you must select the box you want to use for the return. 
  3. Select the webshop. If the webshop is not on the list, please contact 
  4. Add a photo or click ‘Next’. 
  5. You may reserve a larger compartment, if necessary, in the overview and make your reservation. 
  6. Make sure to follow the return policy of your webshop and attach the return label to your parcel. 
  7. Scan your QR code or enter your alphanumerical code at the Bringme Box. This is located under ‘Home’ in the app. You can also use your Bringme Key. 
  8. Place the parcel you want to return in the compartment and close the door.
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