What can the ‘Handover’ function be used for?

‘Handover’, as the name suggests, means that you can hand over or pass on an item to someone else using the Bringme Box without seeing them in person. You can hand over an item to another Bringme user or someone else. That may be a person or a service, such as the dry cleaners for example.

If you understand this principle, you also understand that the possibilities are endless. Below are just a few examples:

  • You can use a box at your company to exchange files or car keys with someone who is not in the office or is in a meeting, for instance. If your laptop is broken, you can send this to the IT department via the box. Put your keys in a little box when you exchange them via the Bringme Box. Thay way, they can be easily detected.
  • Thanks to the box in your apartment building, you can easily give items to or exchange them with your neighbours without having to go and knock on their door.
  • At universities, this function can be used primarily for passing on course materials or borrowing loan equipment, such as a projector.
  • Cities and municipalities can use the ‘Handover’ function to return passports and other documents to residents, even outside opening hours.
  • Alongside internal exchanges, external services – such as repair or ironing services – can also pick up and return items using the box.

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