How can I hand over items using the box?

  1. Open the Bringme App and go to START.
  3. Choose the box you want to use for the handover.
  4. Select an existing Bringme user or enter the details of the person or service who you want to pick up your item (not a Bringme user). 
  5. You can also add a message and picture and select the size of the compartment.

Once you have reserved the compartment, you scan your access code at the Box in order to deposit the item into the box. 

  1. The compartment booked for you is indicated on the touchscreen.
  2. Click on the compartment to open it.
  3. Place your item in the opened compartment and close it.

How does retrieval work?

  1. The recipient receives an automatic notification in the app (Bringme user) or via e-mail with a one-off QR code (non-Bringme user).
  2. The recipient can collect the item by scanning the digital access code (QR code) at the Bringme Box.
  3. As soon as the recipient closes the compartment, you will receive a notification that the item has been collected.

Handy tip: If you are handing over keys, put them in a small box so you are 100% sure they will be detected. 


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