Terms & Conditions

What's new about version 9.18 of the terms of use?

These are the most important changes. Read the full version here.

  • Addition of the provision that, as a User, you must always provide your personal address in the invoice details, since the User is responsible for all costs related to their order (see article 3.2. iii)
  • Modification of the maximum weight of parcels in the Box, from 20 kg to 30 kg (see article 3.2)
  • More flexible procedure in case your parcel is not picked up from the Box in time (see article 4.3)
  • Addition of the description and the provisions of the Send service (see article 5)
  • Addition of the description and the provisions of the Collect service (see article 6)
  • Modification of the account removal procedure (6 months of inactivity + 3 months after warning) (see article 9.2)
  • Addition of the description of the periods for complaints and related limitations (see article 12.5)
  • Modification of the provisions of the right of withdrawal resulting from the addition of the Send and Collect provisions (see article 14.6)
  • Addition of the provision about the principle of force majeure (see article 14.7)
  • Specification of the provisions relating to consumer law (see article 14.8)


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