Bringme Key

Bringme Key

What is a Bringme Key?

The Bringme Key is a round green key fob with NFC technology.

You link the Bringme Key to your Bringme profile to make it even easier to gain access to your Bringme Box. It is an alternative for your QR code in the app. 


How do I use the key?

You scan the Bringme Key under the touch screen near the 'Key' symbol in order to gain access to the Brinmge Box.

How do I get my hands on a Bringme Key?

At the moment we are conducting a system update, and temporarily you cannort activate a Bringme Key. We expect they will be available again at the start of December.

How can I activate a Bringme Key?

Please note: Due to the fact that we are conducting a system update, you cannot activate your Bringme Key yourself. We expect this will be possible again from December.

In order to activate a Bringme Key, you have to go to the Bringme Box with your Bringme Key and your Bringme App.

  1. Scan the Bringme Key: hold the Bringme Key against the Key icon underneath the screen of the Bringme Box, until you hear a beep.
  2. Scan the QR code: click on the QR icon on the home screen in the app. Keep your smartphone slightly at an angle at about 20 cm distance of the scanner.

Done! The key has now been linked to your account. From now on you can use the Bringme Key as well as the QR code. Enjoy!

My Bringme Key is lost/stolen. What now? 

Block your Bringme Key if it has been stolen, lost or if you want to delete your account. You can then hand the Bringme Key to someone else. 

  1. Open the Bringme App 
  2. Go to PROFILE
  3. Go to BRINGME KEY
  4. Click on the button BLOCK MY BRINGME KEY and confirm 

Please note: You cannot undo this action.  

How do I obtain a new Bringme Key?  

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