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Package Insurance Conditions

Parcel Insurance Conditions

This is an optional extra insurance in case of loss or damage of your parcels and content for a maximum amount of € 500 (incl.VAT).

If a parcel is damaged or lost, the insurer (Online Shipping Insurance Services) reimburses the purchase value + the shipping costs of the shipment (maximum € 500 incl. VAT), when the claim meets the conditions of coverage. Before you start shipping with the Parcel Insurance make sure you read these conditions carefully. When you apply the insurance on our shipment you fully agree with the conditions. 

Packaging conditions 
Loss, damage or the non-arrival of a parcel that was insufficiently packaged, was packaged in violation with the packaging requirements or was wrongly addressed does not come into consideration for a claim.

A parcel may not be provided with a label that describes the content of the parcel. The responsibility for the packaging (inner and outer packaging) and labelling of the parcels as well as the provision of documentation regarding the content of parcels, in accordance with the retrievable requirements, lies exclusively with the shipping party.

Goods to be shipped must be properly packaged and provided with labels, in accordance with the requirements. The packaging must be as such that the parcel cannot get lost or damaged during transport or cause damage (including injury) due to the packaging. The packaging must be as such that the parcel is protected against wear and tear during road transport and automatic sorting processes and is protected against a fall of a height of 100 cm regardless of whether the parcel lands on a flat side or a corner. Moreover, the parcel must be resistant to rain, wind, snow and other forms of precipitation and to atmospheric pressure differences. The packaging must also be as such that the parcel cannot be opened without leaving visible traces. 

Make sure your parcel is carefully packaged in a strong box (suitable for the content), with a good, shockproof buffering. Make sure the packaging meets all the requirements of vulnerability, weight and size of the content. In this way you limit the risk that your parcel will be damaged or delivered too late. 

Report a loss
In case of a lost shipment in Europe the insured party needs to wait ten (10) days after the last electronic scan by the transporter to submit a claim. For shipments outside of Europe you have to wait fifteen (15) days after the last electronic scan. For shipments that were not scanned by the transporter, the insured party has to wait up to maximum fifteen (15) days before submitting a claim for shipments in Europe, for shipments outside Europe this is twenty (20) days. This is to give the transporter enough time to still deliver the shipment. 

When a parcel is not traceable but was lost by the transporter, the insured party must be able to submit the digital proof of pick-up of the Bringme Box or proof of delivery of the post office. If you are unable to submit this, the claim will be rejected. Otherwise it cannot be proven that the parcel was effectively handed over to the transporting party. 

Report damage
When damage is caused on delivering a parcel, the damage needs to be notified within ten (10) days upon receipt of the shipment. If the damage is notified after the tenth day, the claim is rejected by the insurer.  For additional inspection, the insurance company may request to see the damaged item. In other words, make sure you keep the item until the claim has been finalised.

Submit a claim
All claims must be completed within ninety (90) days to come into consideration for compensation. The insured party sends his claim to

  1. description of the claim (incident and value)
  2. a copy of the proof of the shipment to the recipient (proof of pick-up from the Bringme Box or proof of delivery to the post office)
  3. the copy of the invoice/proof of purchase of the shipped product

In case of damage:

  1. 2 photographs of the outside of the parcel (with visible send label)
  2. 2 photographs of the inside of the parcel, which also shows how the product is packaged
  3. 1 photo of the whole, damaged product
  4. Photographs of details of the damage
  5. Description of the damage by the recipient of the parcel

In case of loss:

  1. description of the sent parcel
  2. photographs of the outside of the parcel (with visible send label)
  3. proof of recipient that the shipment was not delivered

The coverage does not comprise mediation costs and insurance costs. All damaged goods for which reimburesement (not the repair costs), or the costs of replacement were made need to be returned to the sender. If the damaged shipment is kept by the addressee, the claim will be rejected.

The following items and/or products are excluded from the insurance:

  • Flowers and plants
  • Art
  • Cotton
  • Food
  • Livestock
  • Loose gems and precious metals
  • Money
  • Cigarettes
  • Eggs
  • Bulk products
  • Televisions 

The following countries* are excluded from the insurance:

  • Afghanistan
  • Angola
  • Bolivia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Nigeria
  • North Korea
  • Paraguay

* Every country that is currently under embargo with the United States or the United Nations when the insurance is taken out is excluded from insurance.  

Other conditions
This insurance is provided by Online Shipping Insurance Services Inc. They evaluate the claims that are submitted, see Bringme cannot be held liable or legally responsible for the outcome of a claim.

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